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Husse's high-quality dog foods give your dog all the nutrients and energy it needs, which will show in its healthcoat and vitality. What's more, it is delivered free of charge by your local Husse pet nutritionist.


Which dog food is best?

Choosing the best dog food will depend on many factors including:

  • PREFERENCE - Many dogs have a food preference, either wet or dry food. Although we generally recommend dry food - your Husse nutritionist can discuss with you the various reasons.
  • SIZE – Small dogs and large dogs have differing needs to standard-sized dogs. The same goes for both puppies and older dogs. Differing needs may include the energy levels required by your dog. Nutraceutical components such as glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health and taurine for it's heart function. Kibble size to match intake and tooth size for optimal mechanical cleaning.
  • LIFESTYLE - Working dogs and otherwise very active dogs require food which meets their higher energy needs. Dogs which are otherwise less active, or are overweight, require food formulated to help with their weight control.
  • ALLERGIES - Some dogs require food which will not trigger allergic reactions, or is otherwise suitable for sensitive digestive systems.